Learn about the Data Centers managed and operated by ODATA, designed to supply scalable, flexible, and safe IT infrastructure. Established in 2015 with the purpose of offering a complete suite of infrastructure solutions to host servers that process information with global distribution, the company focuses on providing physical spaces to store large volumes of mission-critical data.

In Brazil, ODATA has three data centers – SP01, SP02, and SP03 – and, in 2017, the company initiated a quick expansion that, most recently, allowed it to become the main player in the industry in Colombia. In 2021, it started the development of a new site in Rio de Janeiro, strengthening its position in Brazil, and also new sites in Mexico and Chile, with startups scheduled for the first half of 2022. With all that, ODATA firms its position and becomes the largest Data Center in Latin America , meeting the growing demand from organizations from different sectors that look for reliable energy, space, and security to move forward in their digital transformation journey.

All of ODATA’s Data Centers are carrier-neutral, i.e. they are not tied to a single carrier, which allows customers to choose the carrier that best suits their business model. Furthermore, they are ultra connected due to their strategic location vis-à-vis the carriers, providing high fiber and network availability, and state-of-the-art network equipment, connected to the main cloud providers in the market.

ODATA’s clients enjoy a series of flexible solutions, from half racks of high-density power, and cages for smaller settings to large wholesale projects, all served by ODATA’s expert team, regardless of the design. To connect IT service providers and companies that migrated their structures to Data Centers, ODATA put together a marketplace gathering several partners to serve a range of different audiences.

Data Centers - Odata

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In addition to offering Data Center infrastructure, ODATA’s purpose is to boost business. It complies with the most stringent international design and project management standards, combining high performance and reliability with an efficient, safe, scalable, and environmentally sustainable operation. The company is ready to support the exponential increase in data traffic and storage brought about by the widespread of technologies, like cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and AI (artificial intelligence).

Capable of providing high-density power to large spaces, it favors sustainable models with low power consumption. ODATA’s data centers are managed by a team of certified technicians and engineers, available 24x7x365.

Regional presence
Focus on Colocation
Ultra connectivity
Operating excellence
Energy efficiency
Financial soundness
High availability
Strict security standards
Flexibility & Scalability
Fast deployment

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