Data Centers in Mexico: ODATA Expands Presence with Two New Centers

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Undeniably, the Latin American market already stands out as one of the most robust on the global stage—especially in the realm of data centers. In the current landscape, we observe growth propelled by factors such as rapid technological evolution, increased demand for IT infrastructure services, and the adoption of cloud computing, along with the progressive implementation of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. Particularly noteworthy is the surge in the data center market in Mexico.

As organizations seek more scalability, security, and operational efficiency, robust and modern data center facilities have become increasingly urgent. Simultaneously, the geopolitical context favours decentralization and strategic distribution of data centers, ensuring redundancy and resilience across Latin America.

To support this process, ODATA, a company specialized in data center services, is taking solid steps to expand its presence in the Americas – explicitly strengthening its foothold in countries like Mexico to meet the growing demand for IT infrastructure and cloud services in the region. Learn more below:

Expansion of the Data Center Market in Latin America

The demand for data centers has significantly increased in recent years, driven by the growth of digital infrastructure fueled by the widespread adoption of cloud computing services. Meanwhile, limited storage available in data centers at the time constrained the advancement of virtualization in business operations.

Subsequently, the concept of hyperscale data centers and colocation data centers emerged, addressing the need for diversification in IT infrastructure data models.

Today, countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico stand out in this context, indicating a significant expansion of data operations, especially to meet progressive demand, supported by a favourable business environment and government initiatives promoting digital evolution.

In this vein, Mordor Intelligence estimates that the data center market will reach $5.14 billion in 2024 in Latin America and is expected to reach $7.81 billion by 2029, advancing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 8.71% during the forecast period (2024-2029). Analysts attribute this movement to adopting advanced technologies such as software-defined data centers, the Internet of Things (IoT), and disaster recovery solutions.

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Strategic Growth in Mexico

The construction of data centers is a highly complex task, requiring extensive planning for electrical, location, and mechanical requirements. This complexity arises because these structures perform critical mission tasks, and any imperfection in building design can be catastrophic, resulting in increased company expenses.

For this reason, not every company can succeed in this market, leading established specialized providers like ODATA to expand the reach of their services throughout Latin America.

“Mexico is currently one of the main markets in the region, where ODATA is well-established and rooted to support its growth,” explains ODATA’s Latam CEO for Latin America, Ricardo Alário. “We already have a recognized identity, regional expertise, and great credibility with local suppliers, enabling us to grow safely and rapidly.”

The QR01 Data Center, the company’s first campus installed in the country, was strategically located in Querétaro and commenced operations in 2022 with 8.4 MW of installed capacity in its first phase. Now, it will be expanded to meet the growing needs of the data center market in Mexico. With advanced capacity and technology, the campus can reach up to 32 MW when fully developed, offering advanced solutions for hyperscale clients.

Expanding the Data Center Market in Mexico

ODATA’s expansion in Mexico is a response to the country’s growing IT business development. In addition to expanding DC QR01, ODATA is initiating the construction of two new data centers in strategic areas.

The state of Guanajuato was chosen for the DC QR02 campus, with a capacity of 30 MW; meanwhile, the DC QR03 is being built in the city of El Marqués, located in the center of the country, 221 km from Mexico City. The latter will be the largest Data Center campus in Mexico, with an installed capacity of 150 MW. Both campuses will be dedicated to serving hyperscale clients.

“We are pleased with the success of developing our QR01 and QR02 facilities. This expansion of our first data center in Mexico illustrates the ongoing interest of clients in the market, the successful execution of our teams, and the long-term value of data center development in Querétaro,” stated Ricardo Alário.

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Other ODATA Data Centers in Latin America

The DC QR03 project is being developed similarly to the DC BG01, ODATA’s first campus in Colombia. At this campus, the company is also expanding its capacity and sees significant growth potential.

An exciting aspect of the design of their Colombian data center is that the site has separate buildings on the same campus with the same energy and connection. Additionally, each building is intended for a specific client with a single tenant, though not necessarily the same tenant.

Today, ODATA’s first Colombian site has reached total capacity. The company owns adjacent land to the first building, where an expansion with BG02 will likely take place.

In addition to operations in Mexico and Colombia, ODATA maintains four data centers in Brazil and two more in Chile. For the remainder of 2024, the company is expected to announce new expansions in both countries.

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Greater Capacity in the Regional Market

ODATA, a company of Aligned Data Center and a provider of data center services for Latin America, reaffirms its prominent position in the Data Center segment in Latin America, offering high-quality infrastructure, reliability, and security.

With this expansion in the Data Center market in Mexico and the continuity of its expansion project throughout the region, the company aims to meet the growing demands of organizations seeking scalability and rapid extension of their operations in the Latin American region.

The mentioned research emphasizes the importance of this movement, showcasing the commitment to invest in technology to drive productivity, innovation, and competitiveness.

Thus, thanks to its technical expertise and commitment to innovation, ODATA stands out as the ideal partner for companies seeking reliable and advanced solutions for their information technology needs.

With its extended reach across the Americas, supported by the connection to Aligned’s network, ODATA not only strengthens its position in the Mexican market but also consolidates its status as a powerhouse in providing Data Center solutions throughout Latin America.

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