ODATA’s Data Centers are, by definition, carrier-neutral, which means that they enable the interconnection between several telecommunications carriers and/or internet providers. This feature, extremely important to the expansion of our client’s business, ensures total freedom to choose the best connection, according to the company’s specific needs.

Located close to the main telecommunications network of the country, ODATA’s Data Centers offer excellent connectivity with the carriers. The entire infrastructure was designed to guarantee traffic of large volumes of data with broad connectivity with several carriers and, access to international routes. With a proprietary SDN (Software-Defined Network) structure and, using logical connections, it delivers speed, redundancy, and financial competitiveness. Furthermore, the low latency and high-capacity local network (LAN) enables setup in a cloud computing environment or mission-critical systems. The data centers use their own power generators and redundant underground entries of fiber optics, a large supply of lit                          and dark fibers and, two telecommunications rooms (MMR).


Presence of Telecommunications Carriers

ODATA has two MMRs, which can be used as POP (point of presence) of the main domestic and international carriers. These points of presence are capable of interconnecting networks from carriers and clients to a certain location.


SDN-based low latency, a high-capacity local network to interconnect racks from different business partners. Designed in a Spine/Leaf and VXLAN EVPN architecture, with uplinks of 100 Gbps, the network allows for the deployment of a cloud computing environment and mission-critical systems capable of offering more efficient management of the networks and devices, regardless of technical complexities.
ODATA’s SDN network is scalable and flexible; capable of enabling marketplace participating clients to sell products and services using a wide range of port capabilities according to their client's business model and demand requirements. Moreover, the use of ODATA’s SDN simplifies and optimizes network management, providing a more dynamic and agile delivery.

PIX do

ODATA is an PoP, being an access PIX (Point of Internet Exchange) to PTTMetro. With dark, redundant fibers with distinctive routes to ensure high reliability, ODATA’s Data Center facilities offer interconnections between clients through, and several internet and content providers.
PIX connects using two redundant ports with a variable capacity to suit the demand of each client. Connection to PIX is designed for those who seek a secure, low latency, fast and independent connection to the main internet and content providers, with significant financial savings driven by lower telecommunications infrastructure costs and data with carriers.

Cross Connect

To meet the most diversified connectivity requirements, ODATA, through Cross Connect services, provides connections to carriers, access to PIX, and interconnections between racks from the same client. With different offerings, these connections are enabled through redundant and pre-installed cabling, fiber, or UTP, ensuring delivery agility and proportional low latency providing high performance with high bandwidths.


Designed for business models that require connections between Data Centers within the same metropolitan region. ODATA offers quick connections between sites via its MetroConnect. Communication between sites is enabled through redundant and dedicated links, with high capacity and reliability.

ODATA’s IP Bandwidth

Through its own backbone, ODATA offers an IP band allowing for the exchange of traffic between clients and the worldwide computer network. With a robust network structure, the connections are carried out through redundant upstreams, with more than 4 different carriers, ensuring near-zero downtime. This offering is designed for clients with their own ASN (Autonomous System Number) and IP, but also for those that need to use ODATA's ASN and IP.

Dark Fiber

High capacity fiber optics connectivity solution used to interconnect Data Centers, providing high data transfer rates through a point-to-point private network. Indicated to companies that need to transfer high volumes of data, with no speed limitation. The dedicated solution offered by ODATA's marketplace.

Dedicated Link

Dedicated internet link is a service designed for the corporate sector offering greater stability and security in data transfer. With that, companies can conduct their digital activities with no need to share them. The dedicated solution offered by ODATA's marketplace.

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