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ODATA exceeded all our expectations, both technical and human, with excellent facilities and a highly technical team that makes the difference. Customer service is a highlight and is taken seriously. Congratulations to the ODATA team.
It is certainly one of the best facilities and the best customer service when compared to other peers in the industry.
We are very pleased with this partnership.

Fabio Candido

IT Manager, Neoconsig


For Binario Cloud, an IT and cloud services provider, data center infrastructure is a key input in our operation, therefore, trusting the infrastructure provider partner and counting on security and availability is key.
ODATA has delivered all of the above, and we can count on their commercial support as well, which has always been transparent and engaged with our demands. Today, our main partner and data center referral is ODATA.

Cyrano Rizzo

CTO, Binario Cloud


The partnership with ODATA allowed BRASCLOUD to stop operating as a Cloud Provider to the SMEs and start serving new medium, large-size, and mission-critical clients. We reached high levels of availability and security, in addition to Marketplace that drives new businesses, and ODATA’s service that provides us with an on-premise team to meet all our infrastructure demands.

Felipe Rossi



Having ODATA in our portfolio of strategic partnerships has proven to be really important to our business since the very beginning when we realized the quality level of the infrastructure and the technical team.

Partnership is a word that best describes our experience working with ODATA’s team. We’ve always been treated with the same care and attention given to large accounts, because of that, our level of confidence increased. It is strategic to our business to have ODATA as our Data Center infrastructure because the potential is immediately perceived by our customers.

The moment we present the infrastructure and all the certifications to our clients, ensuring them full availability, security, connectivity, and scalability, we can add a lot more value to the negotiation.

This partnership has yielded excellent results, and last year alone, our business volume grew 50%, and for 2021 we have a large project of Dedicated Hosting and Hybrid Cloud that will certainly bring about more business opportunities to both parties.

Partnership is a word that best describes our experience working with ODATA’s team.
Having them in our portfolio of strategic partnerships has boosted our business from the very beginning because not only we were able to escalate the operation but, in the past year we grew 50%.

Marcio Galbe



We were positively impacted by our experience and are really pleased with ODATA. I truly recommend the company as the best option in the industry.

Denis Barreto

Technology Manager, SOAP

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