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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions related to our company, our portfolio, and how to hire our services. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What does the name ODATA stand for?

Our view is that data centers should be built as robust and secure buildings, whereas the goal is to reduce all sorts of operational risks for its tenants data and operations. Besides having the most updated technology available, data center services must be planned and executed based on well-defined processes and strict discipline. Well-defined rules, discipline, and order prevent risks. This is what drives us, and how our name came about: ODA = order in Japanese + DATA = data in Latin.

In which Latin American countries does ODATA plan to operate?

We are starting our operations in Brazil, but our goal is to expand to other Latin American countries, forming a regional platform of interconnected buildings to better serve our clients.

Has ODATA already set the prices for its portfolio of services?

To meet the specific demands of our clients, we analyze each project individually since every order is unique in its design, density and requirements. Therefore, ODATA has developed a model to serve its clients through direct interaction, in a way that is fast and hands-on. First we understand the demand, then we design the most suitable solution at the optimum price point.

What is the best way to get in touch with ODATA?

You can contact us through a form in this website. You can direct your inquiry to the executive responsible for each business area and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How many data centers does ODATA plan to build/operate in Latin America?

The sky is the limit; it will depend on demand and opportunities encountered in the region. However, ODATA is going into this market with the intention of becoming one of the main colocation companies in the region. It is our belief that our services will enable and be the basis for growth of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics.

How does ODATA view the energy crisis in Brazil vs. the increasing demand for energy for data centers?

Energy efficiency is undoubtedly a crucial matter in our industry. ODATA is working hard to offer solutions to address future energy needs and sees this as one of its main advantages. Our choice of design firm was driven by, among other things, the capabilities and previous success in designing and building energy efficient data centers. We will study each demand individually to offer a cost effective solution to high densities per rack, and maximize efficiency, by aiming at the lowest possible PUE per room. Renewable energy sources are also part of this agenda.

How does governance operate at ODATA, and how is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined with its clients?

We have an established governance process in which all contact information, operating activities and its frequency, SLAs and full scope of services, are detailed in a document: the Client Run Book. This document will be produced by ODATA and approved by the client, at the start of each project. Both parties will monitor the Run Book during the rendering of the services. The governance process also includes regular meetings (usually monthly), where key metrics and SLAs are presented, and areas for improvement are discussed.

In addition to colocation services, does ODATA plan to offer cloud services (IaaS)?

We will not offer these services directly, but through our partners that will be hosted in our data centers. Our aim is to provide the best data center infrastructure in Latin America, to serve the needs of the leading Cloud Providers.

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