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Infrastructure for data centers in international standards

ODATA is a pioneer in the Latin American market: Fully specialized in colocation and with a focus on companies with a high potential for growth, which seek scalability, flexibility, and security. The ODATA data centers’ infrastructure was designed to provide dedicated and secure environments with energy, cooling, and connection supplied to order, according to the needs of each company. Its entire design intends to provide appropriate flexibility to the real business needs of our clients with the best cost-effectiveness.
ODATA - colocation
Colocation is ODATA’s business. In colocation, companies keep their own equipment in its dedicated space, sharing the data center scale with respect to electricity, Internet bandwidth, and operation time.

The Colocation service guarantees full control to ODATA’s clients over their equipment and availability 24/7/365 in the best data center infrastructure in the country.

Colocation is offered in some categories:

Provision of dedicated spaces and rooms with the possibility of individual and isolated access. In this category, energy is measured and charged in function of the use, multiplied by the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). Therefore, wholesale is the optimal option for cloud computing and HPC (High-Performance Computing) environments. Our clients will have their own environment to place all their equipment (including servers, storage, etc.) with redundancy and energy levels defined based on their needs.

Provided with all the differentials in wholesale, including all security, in enclosing railings, i.e., smaller environments. Each cage has individualized access control. The IT rooms include hot corridors and cold corridors, in addition to high energy density per rack.

ODATA offers closed racks with high energy density and modular connectivity through a pre-connected low-latency network. The racks have a high energy density, which is configurable, and available in the following options: 60-cm or 80-cm wide, and 105-cm or 120-cm deep - and 48-Us high.

Built to suit:
For larger operations, or even more specific needs, ODATA builds and operates dedicated data centers, usually of the single-user type, always applying its own know-how and capital in the design, project, construction, and, finally, in the operation, meeting all necessary requirements defined in conjunction with the client.
ODATA - conectividade
ODATA’s network offer enables the connection of several points in Latin America. Therefore, it provides excellent connectivity with the main telecommunications carriers, in addition to the redundant underground optical fiber feeds, and two telecommunications rooms (MMR, meet me rooms).

Cross Connect:
In our SDN (Software Defined Network), all racks have two connection ports and can be simultaneously connected to other racks. This is an architecture that allows for the fast provisioning of cross connects and golden jumpers - in many cases, without the need for additional cabling.

Fiber Network:
The local high-capacity and low-latency network (LAN) based on SDN (Software Defined Network) to interconnect the racks, in a Spine/Leaf and VXLAN EVPN architecture with 100Gbps uplinks, allows for an environment aimed at cloud computing or mission critical systems.

The entire connectivity infrastructure of the ODATA data center was designed to ensure the traffic of a large volume of data, including Cisco, Arista, and Juniper high-capacity edge routers.
ODATA - operação e suporte
Operation and Support
The ODATA data centers are fully managed by its own team of specialized and certified engineers and technicians.

ODATA relies on a state-of-the-art structure and exclusive service provided by specialized professionals, with a proactive approach, thus ensuring efficiency and speed in the installation and maintenance of IT environments. The on-site support team is available 24/7/365, in addition to having maintenance agreements with their main manufacturers.

ODATA works with several systems, including the Client Portal, ITSM and BMS system, which are available for the operation of the data center aiming at the control of energy efficiency, thermal and flow visualization, incident and operation control, control of changes, implementation projects, SLA control, etc.

Remote services:
The remote services are provided by trained professionals, including equipment activation and follow-up, among other operational activities. The optional management network allows for the control of the energy and stability aspects of the equipment, in addition to access to their equipment by means of virtual console or demanding Remote Hands and Smart Hands.
ODATA - espaços corporativos
Corporate spaces
ODATA makes available offices, meeting rooms, and spaces on demand, offering full experience in serving clients - including reception with the client company’s visual identity. Command rooms, dedicated NOCs (Network Operations Centers), and project rooms are also provided. The ODATA data centers include docks that facilitate the entry of equipment in the data center, in addition to shared spaces for preparation and assembly.

Administrative buildings with wide availability of space for clients’ offices, including the possibility for NOCs (Network Operations Centers), contingency environments, meeting rooms, and parking spaces.

Meeting rooms:
Clients are provided with meeting and reception rooms, in addition to training rooms, spaces for events, and conference rooms.

ODATA provides space on demand (BCS – Business Continuity Services), for exclusive or shared work, and with a smart network for direct access to the IT environment of each client. The Command Center and NOCs (Network Operations Centers) are also available.

The buildings include docks for the receipt and shipping of equipment with stock control and collective or storage-dedicated areas.

Reception and visual communication:
Communication and reception, whether dedicated or shared, may be made available, including the reception of clients, dedicated rooms, visual communication, and the application of logos, considering that the company’s communication can be applied to the cages, among other visual customizations.
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