Data Centers

The ODATA data centers are designed in accordance with international standards of engineering and operations. They will have the capacity to offer our customers large footprints of white space with high volume of available energy and a low PUE (Power Usage Efficiency). Our infrastructure will enable us to monitor our clients’ progress and usage as it grows, and plan ahead to provide additional capacity to accommodate future demand. The dissemination of technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things and Big Data, and the increased use of smartphones and digital videos will generate an exponential growth of IP traffic and data storage in the coming years. Our goal is to meet this surging demand using the triad technology + people + processes. By partnering and working closely with our partners, our goal is to become the best choice of colocation services in the Latin American market.


Our data centers are being built on strategically located plots, close to the country’s main power and telecommunications grids, enabling us to guarantee, in addition to high volumes and densities of energy, multiple connectivity that bring high level of redundancy and security for our clients. The first data center in São Paulo will be in the Santana de Parnaíba region, a few kilometers from the capital’s downtown area, where it can be easily accessed and has all the necessary features for a secure and efficient operation.

High-performance network

Our data centers were designed to manage large volumes of data traffic. We will offer many choices of network connectivity to our clients and fiber links to connect customers' infrastructure to other points of presence in Brazil. We have the most modern generation of network equipment, ensuring lower latency, high network performance and redundancy.

Energy efficiency

We consider this to be one of the most important paradigms in data center projects. The growing demand, and it’s associated financial and environment costs, mean that the search for energy efficiency is crucial to the success of digital enabled businesses. ODATA data centers were designed to provide the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) on the market; in other words, they will use advanced design methods, modern equipment, and the best operational practices to consume the least possible energy and therefore reduce cost for our client and the impact on our planet.

Cooling Systems

This is one of the most important and challenging subjects for those who want to offer their clients energy efficiency and low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). Planned with the most updated cooling equipment available, ODATA’s cooling infrastructure ensures the right temperature for critical environments, without interruption, offering a safe environment for our customer´s servers.

Environmental sustainability

An important feature of our data centers is the fact that they are being designed to meet global sustainability standards, in order to ensure that its operations have the lowest possible footprint on our environment. Our buildings will be partially served by renewable energy and its operations will be conducted observing sustainable best practices.

3D images

odata-data-center3 odata-data-center2 odata-data-center1