ODATA is one of the few companies in the Latin American specialized in wholesale colocation. Our buildings are being designed to provide dedicated and secure environments, with power and cooling according to the needs of each customer. The whole conception of our project is geared towards providing flexibility that meets the real business needs of our clients, with an optimum cost benefit ratio. Our engineering team has more than 40 years of accumulated knowledge and operations in the data center sector, and is tuned to the most recent technological evolutions being deployed globally (i.e.: energy efficiency solutions, advanced cooling systems, datacenter design evolutions, etc.).


Dedicated spaces and/or rooms with the possibility of a private access. The energy is measured and charged based on actual usage, multiplied by the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). These features make us the ideal choice for cloud computing environments. ODATA clients have their own data hall in which to install all their equipment (servers, storage, and network), with levels of redundancy and power density defined according to their needs.


With the same attributes as in the wholesale offer, but available in closed cages for smaller environments.


Smaller than the cages, the racks are ideal spaces for those who need to store their servers in a dedicated and secure environment, with a view to future expansion.

Built to Suit

Construction and operation of specific data centers dedicated to one or more clients. ODATA applies its expertise and own capital in the construction and subsequent operation of a data center dedicated to one or a series of clients, tailor-made to the specific needs of each business.

Remote Services

Our data centers have trained professionals to provide services to our clients, such as activation of equipment and monitoring of operational activities.

Office Space

We offer office space so that our clients can accommodate their staff and technical team that must operate their technical environment locally. These hired workspaces may be shared with other customers, or on an exclusive basis.

Fiber Network

The ODATA data centers are, by definition, neutral in terms of connectivity; clients can choose the option that best suits them. We also offer our own network of 12,000 km2 of fiber optic, through our partnership with Vogel, our partner in telecommunications services and fiber, connecting many points throughout Brazil.


The ODATA data centers were planned to enable the exchange of internal traffic between our clients through interconnections, allowing gains in efficiency and performance, as well as reducing costs.